About Rainier Flight Service

In 2008 following the economic downturn, Gordon Alvord and Bradley Donaldson were furloughed along with thousands of pilots from major airlines. Faced with potential unemployment for several years they returned to their first passion – teaching. Starting as independent flight instructors in a local flying club, Brad and Gordon began instructing again and quickly developed a reputation for professional and fun flight training. Drawing from their background in the airline industry they wrote curriculum focusing on not just stick and rudder skills but also aeronautical decision making to create well-rounded, proficient pilots.

Before long the need became apparent for greater control of aircraft and scheduling. In early 2009 Rainier Flight Service was born with a couple 152s and a 172. Reputation grew and success continued while Rainier added additional aircraft and instructors to accommodate student demand, eventually becoming the largest flight school in western Washington.

In the following years Rainier slowly expanded into new facilities allowing additional services including aircraft maintenance and full FBO amenities. Today Gordon and Brad are back flying airliners and continue to run Rainier with a commitment to safety in all aspects and furthering the growth of general aviation. They are assisted by an outstanding staff providing excellent service in a fun, friendly atmosphere.


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