Constantine Tzavaras

Phoenix Arizona

Retired USAF Lt Colonel. A-10, F-16.  USAF Thunderbirds (98 / 99 Teams). USAFA Class of 1985. Captain, Southwest Airlines. 13,600 accident free hours and 32+ years flying. Bachelor's and Masters Degrees. Husband, Father, Grandfather of 3. I like a good Steak, Bourbon, and a Smooth Cigar after flying and the company of other pilots. 

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Flight Achievements to Date

Click on each achivement to learn more.

First Solo

Solo an airplane for the first time.

Commercial Pilot

Obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Commercial Seaplane

Obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Seaplane Rating.

Commercial Multi

Obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi-Engine Rating.

Air Transport Pilot

Obtain an ATP Certificate.

Air Transport Pilot Multi

Obtain an ATP Certificate with Multi-Engine Rating.

Instrument Ratings

Obtain an instrument rating.

Glass Cockpit

Complete a checkout in a glass cockpit airplane.


Fly a jet aircraft

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