Weather & Flight Planning Tools

Aviation Weather Center - Current Advisories, Forecasts and Observations in Text & Graphic Format

Windyty - Wind and Weather Visualization Tool

Online Flight Planning - FltPlan.com

AirNav - Airport and Navaid Information

DUATS (Requires Registration) - Weather, Flight Planning & Flight Plan Filing

Online Aeronautical Charts - Sky Vector

NOTAM Search

Graphical TFR

Flight Training Resources

FAA Wings Program - Free online courses covering a wide variety of topics.

Avemco - Renters Insurance

AOPA Insurance Services - Renters Insurance

Air Safety Institute - Variety of educational tools and resources

Regulatory Resources

Federal Aviation Regulations - Search complete list of current FAR’s

Aeronautical Information Manual - Current AIM

Flying Handbooks - Official FAA Handbooks

Pilot/Controller Glossary  - Find Aviation Terms and Definitions

Advisory Circulars - Search AC Database

Airworthiness Directives - Search AD Database

Airmen Certification & Forms - FAA Airmen Certification Page

Alien Flight Student Program - TSA Flight Training Application

AME Locator - Find a local Aviation Medical Examiner

FAA MedXPress - FAA Medical Application Online

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