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Flight training is more than textbook knowledge and passing a test. It is risk management, resource management and aeronautical decision-making that keep pilots out of trouble.

Our custom training program focuses on these topics through an experienced-based approach to learning. Like most things in life, there is no single way to accomplish a task. Some methods just work better than others. Our students are taught to think as Pilot in Command from the very beginning and make decisions to determine the outcome of every flight.

Our professional flight instructors provide guidance and a safe environment for the student to explore. Instead of telling students what to do, we provide guidance and information for the student to evaluate and choose a course of action. Not only is this method of training proven to be more effective but most importantly, fun!

We provide many other resources to our students including a lending library, computer tutorials and instructional videos for FREE because our goal is to make training as affordable and efficient as possible.

Additional information about flying and the training process can be found at the Learn to Fly website provided by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

A great way to start is to schedule a Discovery Flight. This flight includes approximately 30 minutes flying the airplane under the close guidance of one of our instructors. We encourage you to fly the plane as much as you are comfortable to see if training is something you would like to pursue. In addition, we will answer any questions you have about flying, training or just aviation in general.

Private Pilot Cost Sheet

This sheet itemizes the costs associated with obtaining a Private Pilot Certificate.  However, costs vary greatly due to individual needs, past experience and learning styles.  We provide many additional resources for FREE because our goal is to make training as affordable and efficient as possible.

Ground School - $260
The Jeppesen Online Private Pilot Course contains ground school and maneuvers lessons using a combination of audio, video and graphics to clearly explain each topic.  Each lesson contains links to test questions, human factors information and interesting case studies to further your learning and serve as the perfect tool to prepare for the FAA knowledge exam.  Lessons can be accessed from any computer with internet and reviewed as many times as you like.  This course fully integrates with our custom flight training syllabus.

Private Pilot Kit - $190
The Private Pilot Kit contains supplies necessary for private pilot training: syllabus, private pilot manual, E6-B (flight computer), VFR plotter, small logbook, kneeboard, aircraft checklist and small student bag.  (does not include pilot headset)

Medical - $100

3rd Class medical exam from an Aviation Medical Examiner.

FAA Knowledge Exam - $150
Multiple-choice exam administered on computer at testing center.

Aircraft Rental - $3960
FAA minimum required 40 hours flight time. Aviator Club Rates. *

  • Cessna 162 @ $99/hr - $3960
  • Cessna 172 @ $139/hr - $5560
  • Cessna 172 G1000 @ $149/hr - $5960

Flight Instruction - $3000
Dual instruction including flight training, preflight and postflight briefings. (50 hours @ $60/hr)

FAA Practical Exam - $500
Oral and flight evaluation with FAA Designated Examiner


Total Training Cost ~ $8200

*Aircraft and instructor hours based on FAA minimum requirements.  The national average is much closer to 75 flight hours for a Private Pilot Certificate and we highly recommend using a figure at or above this number for budgeting purposes.

*Free Discovery Flight Special

*see details

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