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Ready for a new challenge and adventure? Get a seaplane add-on rating to your Private or Commercial pilot certificate! Located at the south end of Lake Washington, Renton Airport is the perfect location for seaplane training. With convenient access to local lakes and rivers there is variety for training all skill levels.  This add-on rating course is written to include 7 hours of flight time and 11 hours of individual instruction.  The industry-leading curriculum not only exceeds FAA standards, it also integrates aeronautical decision making and risk management into all flight lessons.

Training is conducted in our 1968 Cessna 172I on EDO 2000 floats. This aircraft was chosen for its reliability and ease of transition from its land based version. Pilots familiar with the Cessna 172 can save time and money by not having to relearn an entirely new aircraft to add on a seaplane rating.

To ensure the training is as efficient as possible, please download and review these documents prior to arriving for your first lesson.  This will greatly expedite the process and help save you time and money.

Contact us today to schedule the course over an intensive weekend or a leisurely pace.  

Water Landing Currency

Brush up on your skills when you only have a little time to spare.  Get your feet wet with our currency program. Work on your glassy, confined, rough and cross wind take-off and landing technique from Renton airport. Launch the seaplane right from our ramp into the water and you will be in the training environment.

FAA SeaWings Proficiency Program

The WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program now includes specific recognition for those sea-rated pilots who complete a Phase of WINGS in a seaplane or amphibian.

The Seaplane Pilots Association will send a beautiful piece of jewelry in the form of a lapel pin to pilots who complete a Phase of WINGS in a seaplane or amphibian.

After completing a Phase of WINGS in a seaplane (or amphibian), you should select the Team Member Rewards link under the Pilots tab on www.FAASafety.gov and submit your request for the Sea WINGS pin.

In addition, at least one insurance company, Falcon Insurance Agency of Florida, Inc., has indicated they will offer "significant premium discounts" to members of the Seaplane Pilots Association who complete a Phase of WINGS in a seaplane.

Rainier Flight Seaplane Training

Join us and put the fun back in flying!

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