Rainier Flight Service Aircraft

Rainier Flight Service offers more than 20 aircraft to choose from, making us one of the largest flight training providers in the Pacific Northwest. Our primary Training Aircraft consist of late-model Cessna 162 and 172s equipped with modern glass cockpit instrumentation and safety features.  Additional Rental Aircraft are available in a variety of models for time-building and recreational flying. See the Scheduling Requirements & Restrictions on each aircraft page for details.  Published aircraft rates include fuel, oil, and insurance with no additional surcharges.

In-House Maintenance
When deciding which flight school is right for you, many students overlook or completely neglect aircraft maintenance. All Rainier aircraft and equipment are carefully maintained by in-house certified Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanics to ensure safety and reliability for all flight operations. The safety and well-being of our employees and customers is the foundation of Rainier Flight Service. Maintaining safe and airworthy aircraft are no exception.

Renting Aircraft With Us
All clients looking to rent aircraft must complete an RFS Aircraft Checkout, which requires the client to complete an Aircraft Checkout Quiz and become familiar with our Flight Operations Manual (FOM), Aircraft Standardization Manual (ASEL or AMEL) and the respective aircraft's Pilots Operating Handbook (POH). Depending on how recent you've flown, the aircraft you're wanting to rent, and how familiar you are with Rainier policies, an aircraft checkout at Rainier can take as little as one flight or several reservations to effectively demonstrate proficiency. 

Lease Your Aircraft with Rainier Flight Service
Are you interested in owning an aircraft? We are always looking to add additional aircraft to meet customer demand. Visit our Leaseback Page for detailed information and determine if leasing an aircraft is beneficial for you.