Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft mechanics are like doctors.  They get to know each airplane's specific needs, wants and nuances to develop a long-term relationship and ensure the best possible care.  We understand the importance of building a relationship to minimize time and cost.

This starts with clear communication.  Whether you need a light bulb replaced or a thorough annual, we keep you informed every step of the way.  Our electronic record system tracks discrepancies including pictures to accurately catalogue the condition of the aircraft.  This list is provided to you as well as options to address such as replace factory new, overhaul or defer.  You are in control of the process and decide the best course of action for your specific circumstances.

Safety is of paramount importance so you can sleep easy knowing your aircraft is kept in safe, airworthy condition.  Our mechanics have decades of experience servicing GA aircraft and attend continuing education courses to stay on top of latest technology.



Aircraft Servicing

Rainier utilizes an electronic record system to ensure all ADs, service bulletins, time limited parts and required inspections are completed to ensure the aircraft is always safe, legal and ready for operation.  Let us help you manage your aircraft so you can simply enjoy it.  As a customer of Rainier you will received notifications when maintenance is due and convenient scheduling options to complete in a timely manner.  The following services are available by appointment throughout the year:

  • Annuals / 100 Hrs
  • Routine Servicing
  • Engine Changes
  • Retractable Gear Repair
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Progressive Inspections
  • Insurance Repair


Seaplane Maintenance

Located on the shore of Lake Washington, we are ideally located for seaplane servicing.  Fly into W36 (co-located with KRNT) and we will pick you up at the dock.  Our facility is equipped for float swaps, engine changes, sheet metal repairs and anything else your seaplane may need to keep operating reliably.

Interior Repair

Your airplane interior due for an upgrade?  Recovering seats and replacing headliner can be done under preventative maintenance but most times it is simply easier to let a professional handle it.  While at it, use the opportunity to do a little clean up work such as checking wiring bundles, repair / install sound proofing and seal doors / windows.

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