Interview prep for major and regional airlines

An airline interview can be the most challenging element of a pilot's career.  Sitting in front of a pilot panel and human resource managers that hold the key to your dream job can be the most stressful evaluation you will ever experience. That is unless you have the support of someone who has been there before.

Our interview preparation specialists are line-qualified pilots who know what it takes to get hired.

The Interview Prep Package provides the guidance and feedback you need to make your critical first impression count. You will have inside information regarding what type of questions will be asked and, more importantly, practice in fine tuning your answers in preparation for these challenging, board-style interviews. 

In addition, our professional staff will ensure you are ready to be hired by covering:

  • Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Technical Questions
  • Sensitive Background Questions
  • Behavioral Interview Questions
  • Simulator Evaluations
  • Written Testing
  • And More!

Preparation is the KEY to a successful airline interview. From how you look to what you say, we will work to ensure that you make the proper impression in this unique and industry-specific interview format.

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