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After becoming a Private Pilot, are you ready to join the ranks of professional aviators? In addition to FAA-required subject areas, our Commercial Pilot Course prepares you for real-world commercial flying. Upon completion, you will have the knowledge and experience to successfully transition to a commercial pilot position, not just pass the exam.

As commercial pilots ourselves we know exactly how to best prepare you for the world of commercial aviation. Whether you aspire to fly corporate jets or for the airlines, our custom syllabus focuses on applying your skills and knowledge to Part 135 and Part 121 operations. Every lesson is presented as a mission that you must plan and complete at PIC. Much like the training programs at the world's best airlines, this form of training allows you to identify resources, mitigate risks and determine the safest and most efficient outcome for every flight.

Most of the training is conducted in our well-equipped, late-model Cessnas and transition to a complex airplane near the end of the course. Contact us today to discuss your experiences and how we can best help reach your goals.

The Cost Sheet below itemizes the expenses associated with the full Commercial Course.  Depending on your previous experience, commercial training can be completed in much less time under Part 61.  In this case we use our custom syllabus to ensure all required training items are complete to proficiency and meet the minimum FAA requirements.

Commercial Pilot Cost Sheet

This sheet itemizes the approximate costs associated with obtaining a Commercial Pilot Certificate.  However, costs vary greatly due to individual needs, past experience and learning styles.  We provide many additional resources for FREE because our goal is to make training as affordable and efficient as possible.

Ground School: $199
The Jeppesen Online Commercial Pilot Course contains ground school and maneuvers lessons using a combination of audio, video and graphics to clearly explain each topic.  Each lesson contains links to test questions, human factors information and interesting case studies to further your learning and serve as the perfect tool to prepare for the FAA knowledge exam.  Lessons can be accessed from any computer with internet and reviewed as many times as you like.  This course fully integrates with our custom flight training syllabus.

FAA Knowledge Exam: $165
Multiple-choice exam administered on computer at testing center.

*Aircraft Rental: 120 Hrs
See Aircraft page for available aircraft and rates.  Piper Arrow meets complex requirements and minimum 10 Hrs in course curriculum.

*Flight Instruction: 60 Hrs Avg
Dual instruction including flight training, preflight and postflight briefings. Time varies greatly for each individual due to previous experience, preparation and training frequency. ($65/Hr)

FAA Practical Exam: $500
Oral and flight evaluation with FAA Designated Examiner


*The best way to reduce training cost is to take ownership of your training process and use the airplane and instructor time efficiently.  Through self-study and preparing for each lesson the instructor can focus on practical application of your knowledge.

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