Welcome to Rainier Flight Service – Puget Sound’s premier flight training provider.

This blog was created to provide you a source of interesting articles, relevant aviation news and reasons to get you flying!  We know there is no lack of videos, books and magazines that cover every aviation topic imaginable.  In fact we provide many of these resources for FREE and encourage you to read as much as your brain can soak up.  Instead of trying to duplicate these wonderful resources we post articles and topics relevant to training and flying in the Pacific Northwest.

The articles posted here attempt to clarify complex subjects we have found most students struggle understanding.  Feel free to comment, clarify or add to any article.  If there is a particular subject you would like to see addressed please let us know because other pilots likely share the same confusion.

We also created a category for Top Pacific Northwest Destinations.  Congratulations for passing your checkride – Now have fun!  We live within a fuel tank’s range of the best flying in the country.  The category highlights fun airports to visit including unique characteristics, things to do, transportation and where to eat.  By no means have we visited every airport or restaurant so please add your own suggestion for the next weekend get-away!

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