About Rainier Flight

Welcome to Rainier Flight Service – Puget Sound’s premier flight training provider, based out of Renton Airport in Seattle.

Whether you are just getting started as a student pilot or adding additional certificates and ratings we make training safe, efficient, affordable and most importantly, fun!

Our highly experienced flight instructors use scenario-based training techniques which focus on developing risk management and decision-making skills in addition to learning how to operate an aircraft.

Advanced avionics and instrument flying are our specialty so whether you recently upgraded your equipment or bought a new airplane we will ensure you are using your equipment to its fullest potential. This can also be incorporated into a BFR/IPC.

We believe the most important element in aviation training is the relationship between flight instructor and student. Flight instruction is more than textbook knowledge, it is the experience and passion imparted on the student to develop sound judgment and precision.

Visit our website www.RainierFlightService.com for more deatiled information on services and resources provided.

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