Airplane Checkout

Every operation has their own process for setting up new clients and getting checked out in an aircraft.  This guide is to help you get started at Rainier Flight with minimum fuss.

  1. Records – There is a bunch of information we must collect from you for FAA, TSA, insurance, etc.  To simplify the process we have created a Client Portal accessible from top right corner of the website.  Simply create an account and start filling in blanks.  It should be self-explanatory but please contact the front desk if you have any questions or need assistance.
  2. Preparation – We don’t want to waste your time and money so the more you can do to prepare for the checkout appointment, the better.  The Training Resources page has links to a few documents to review including the Flight Operations Manual and Checkout Quiz.  Airplane information including weight & balance and manuals are downloadable PDF docs from the respective aircraft.  Please complete the Checkout Quiz and bring questions from your preparation to review with your instructor.
  3. Online Scheduling – Our front desk staff will schedule your checkout appointment.  When you meet with the instructor one of the items to cover is how to use our scheduling system.  You will be helped creating an account, how to reserve an aircraft and the dispatch process.  Once the checkout is complete you will be able to use the scheduling system from any computer with internet access.
  4. Have Fun! – The flight is not a test.  We just need to verify you can operate the airplane correctly and more importantly, ensure you are comfortable with local procedures and airspace.  If you are a little rusty it’s no big deal.  We will just remediate weak areas until you feel comfortable and safe, either during this flight or a separate appointment.  If you don’t fly with an instructor regularly use the opportunity to update your flight review!
  5. Join a Community – We believe aviation is much more than flying airplanes.  Check our calendar for weekly events, like our Facebook page for the latest news and provide us a review on Google or Yelp.  As always, let us know if we can assist you better in any way.
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