Choosing a Flight Instructor

Finding the right flight instructor is an important element of your training success.  Here are some tips to ensure a good match.

When beginning a training course communicate your needs, schedule and goals to school administrators.  Are you training for leisure or career?  Do you want to schedule weekly lessons or every other day?  Is your learning style casual or do you thrive when challenged?  By understanding your unique needs the school help identify an instructor that will be a good fit.

Ideally, the flight school will present several options and provide you an opportunity to meet with each.  Everyone has a different personality and sometimes even the most experienced instructors simply are not a good match.  But sometimes this is not always possible.  Larger schools may have many instructors but few available at times convenient for you.  Smaller schools have a smaller staff and options.  You may not find a perfect match but hopefully have a few options with minimal compromise.

Once you begin training the first few lessons are a bit like dating.  With time you will establish a rapport which should result in a comfortable and safe learning environment.  If you find the instructor is not a good fit, don’t hesitate to communicate your concerns to school administrators and try someone else.  Instructors are professionals and also want what is best for you to be successful.