How young can you start flight lessons?

There is no minimum age to begin flight training but there are some practical limitations.  Most training aircraft have adjustable seats but if you are shorter than 5’ 4” it may be difficult to fully operate the controls and have sufficient visibility out the windshield.  There is also a level of maturity needed to fully grasp somewhat complicated knowledge areas and develop aeronautical judgment.  Lastly, the FAA limits the age to solo an airplane to 15 years old and 16 for pilot certification.  (Gliders are one year less)

Generally speaking, we recommend not beginning formal flight training until the age of 14.  But that does not mean you shouldn’t engage in aviation activities much earlier.  For motivated individuals with a blossoming passion for flight there are countless STEM projects you can do as a family.  Here in Seattle we are blessed with the Museum of Flight including an education department full of interactive displays, summer camps and family activities.  A surprising amount can be self-taught using a flight simulator on a home computer.

It is never too early to learn.  Feed the enthusiasm and curiosity.  It will all transfer well and make flight training that much more effective when they are ready.