I did ground school already. Why do I also have to pay for ground lessons?

Ground school and ground lessons are fundamentally different components of a training course.  Ground school, whether in person or online, is intended to provide you with the basic theory and understanding of knowledge areas required to meet certification standards.  Ground lessons including pre- and post-flight briefings are time spent individually with instructor to apply this knowledge to the real world.

For example, in ground school you will learn about weather theory, sources of weather information and how to read weather reports.  It is assumed you have this basic understanding so when you meet with your instructor you can learn how to apply this knowledge and complete a flight safely.  If you have not learned this material in preparation for your ground briefing your instructor will need to remediate at additional time and cost.

Use your time efficiently by completing all study assignments and reading materials in preparation for lesson.  Write down specific questions on subject you do not understand fully so your briefings are concise and relevant to your needs.  The instructor can then quickly verify your depth on knowledge and focus on practical application.