When should I start ground school?

Our Ground School article explains the pros and cons of different ground training methods but students often wonder: When should I start?  While there is no ‘right’ answer here are some considerations to ensure you maximize learning benefit.

Every flight lesson includes a study assignment including knowledge areas applicable to lesson objectives.  If you have completed ground school, this is a great time to review and prepare to get the most out of the lesson.  Should you prefer to complete ground school concurrently with lessons, make sure you complete this study assignment before meeting with instructor.  What you don’t want to do is arrive unprepared as your instructor will have to remediate those areas resulting in additional time and money.

Every lesson starts with a preflight briefing.  During this time your instructor will cover knowledge areas you covered in ground school.  But instead of basic understanding you will focus on practical application.  For example, you will learn about airplane components and systems in ground school.  During the preflight briefing you will apply this systems knowledge to operational procedures and checklists.  Safely starting the engine is difficult if you don’t understand how the engine works.

There is much to learn and many resources at your disposal.  Enjoy the process!