Discovery Flight

It's Your Time to Fly. When you sign up for flight lessons with Rainier Flight Service, you'll earn $199 credit back to your account after flying 15 hours with us or completing your first solo, whichever comes first. This essentially makes the Standard Discovery Flight FREE or the Deluxe Discovery Flight $100 if you commit to our program. If you decide that becoming a pilot isn't for you, not to worry. You would simply pay for the discovery flight and have no obligations.

Standard Discovery Flight - $199
Never been in a small airplane before?  Our experienced flight instructors will walk you through the basics of flight in a late model Cessna 162 or 172 and encourage you to fly the airplane as much as you are comfortable.  The flight lasts 30-40 minutes and we are happy to accommodate any special requests to the best of our ability.  In addition, we are happy to answer any questions you have about flight training, airplanes or aviation in general.

Deluxe Discovery Flight - $299
In addition to the Deluxe Discovery Flight, you will fly to another local airport and see how aviation can save you time and money.  This 60-90 minute flight includes two takeoffs and two landings at another airport in Puget Sound.  You will see how general aviation makes travel convenient and time effective, as well as fun!

Premium Discovery Flight - Hourly Rate
Looking for VIP transport?  The Premium Discovery Flight puts you in the Porsche of general aviation - the Cirrus.  With the speed, safety and comfort of Cirrus aircraft the only question is: Who will love it more - you or your spouse?  Share with us your aviation goals so we can tailor this experience to your specific needs.