Ground School

One of the major milestones to earning your pilot certificate is passing a Knowledge Test. As with all parts of your flight training, at Rainier we are committed to giving you every opportunity to prepare for this test. We offer several ground school courses throughout the year.  Courses are typically six weeks long and taught by experienced flight instructors.  Class sizes are limited to about 30 students to ensure sufficient attention for each student's needs.

Several methods exist to help you obtain knowledge for this exam, including online courses, self-study with handbooks/manuals, and formal ground schools.  There are benefits to each, but you must select the best method for your particular learning style.  If you enjoy a group setting with the opportunity to engage in lively discussion then our ground school may be right for you.
Upon meeting the ground school requirements you will receive an endorsement to complete the knowledge test.

Auditing Class

If you are taking an online course but find a particular subject challenging, we encourage you to audit any of our classes at no charge.  However, credit will not be provided towards meeting FAA requirements.  See our Event Calendar for schedule and class topics.


Our courses reference official FAA Handbooks and Manuals which are available for download at no cost.  Additional materials you will need include:

  • Navigation Charts
  • Navigation Plotter
  • E6B Flight Computer
  • Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK)

These materials can be purchased at Rainier Flight or a variety of online vendors.