Instrument Rating

Few people seek out the bad weather to go out and fly but that’s exactly how we prepare you at Rainier Flight Service.  There is no substitute for training in actual Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) so we try to expose you to as much variety as possible so that you are a safe, proficient pilot.

Instrument flying is about becoming a good systems manager.  Since 90% of instrument flying is utilizing systems and resources effectively we provide a wide variety of free training tools such as GPS simulators, tutorials, and aids so that you can learn to use these resources in a stress-free environment.  Once you feel comfortable with navigating GPS menus and using the autopilot to reduce workload, we transfer those skills to the airplane and solidify your understanding of the IFR system.

Our custom syllabus trains you for the real world. Instead of approach after approach at the same airport, each lesson includes a mission for the student to plan and execute. This ensures risk management and aeronautical decision making is evaluated every lesson in addition to the procedural requirements of instrument flying.