Rainier Flight Service Testimonials & Reviews

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Flight schools tend to focus on the "...we're teaching safe flying with safe airplanes.." and often let the business side of a customer service experience escape them.  I'm oftentimes very outspoken about how a poor customer service experience, or overheard "bull pen" session by the instructors can increase the chances of a less than successful experience during a lesson. 

Why do I mention this?  RFS, Rainier Flight Service, gets this.  It's not a "procedure" for them, but a natural extension of the flying experience.  Hanna, Amy or Chandra are always eager to greet the prospective new pilot, the worn out student pilot or the recently crowned private pilot (my most recent experience).  It's not scripted or contrived - but real satisfaction in your experience. 

My instructor, Dylan, was perfectly matched for my experience.  Directed, precise, no BS and expected a great deal out of my lessons.  I studied hard -- a caution to reviewers and would be pilots.  This school provides you the environment, the facilities, the resources and tools to find the most suitable academic and flight environment that you could possibly configure.  Take utter advantage of that.  My instructor refused to allow the standard "..ok - well that was within the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards, lets' move on..." - rather, it was always an evaluation of what could be better, what was learned and how we applied it the next time. 

The structure of the various programs at RFS are well documented and defined (check out the website and read the public documents on standardization, aircraft profiles, etc). 

The Chief Flight Instructor, Jim, is a no nonsense guy.  Perform, learn and apply what you know and he'll ensure that your earnest effort at obtaining a rating in achieved.  This is a no BS experience - put your cards on the table and let the RFS instructor and Chief Instructor sort out any challenges in your academic and practical knowledge.  They demonstrate daily an accessible method for ensuring your eventual check ride is routine and less stressful.  Some folks look at the RFS schedule and see a difficult environment to schedule lessons and rental aircraft.  I look at this as a supply and demand model in a mode where the aircraft are maintained to a standard that people demand them! 

The instructors, specifically Dylan, are honest, enthusiastic and eager to see you succeed.  Remember - like anything - you get what you put into it.  As good as the staff and organization at RFS is, they still need a prepared student!  Come with that approach and you'll be very pleased with this outfit.

- Google

Best flight school in the Seattle area. Friendly staff, great facilities and aircraft, and an overall great operation.

- Drew P. Seattle, WA

Five stars so far!!! Kristi and Jim have been fantastic returning my calls and emails and I look forward to completing my rating there shortly. Stay tuned for part two...

Oct 31st after 3.5 days of instruction and a little patience waiting out the weather I completed my single engine seaplane rating today.

From start to finish every employee interaction was fantastic. If you want a fun and positive training environment with great planes and a great location this is the place! No matter the rating you are going after the scenery is top notch and with so many airports and lakes for exploring they really make it easy I have a good time.

I was even able to take their newly restored piper arrow solo to see friends in Port Townsend and enjoyed views of the Puget sound, the Olympic mountains and Juan de fuca straight all just off my wingtip.

Definitely going back! Thank you to all the office staff, maintenance, and my instructors for a great experience. See you soon!

- Yelp

I just got my private pilot certificate from Rainer Flight Service. Usually I'm not so willing to spend much time writing a review, but RFS deserves my time. They offer an safe, easy and relax environment for you to learn. My instructor Mark is really helpful. Flying with him had lots of fun. Even sometime when he's not available, it's easy to approach to other instructors as well.

But I must say the ground school part you have to be self-motivated, and read tons of stuff. It's a long journey and you have to keep the hard work.

And another thing I can think of is that since they are so popular, sometimes the aircraft and instructor schedule is really crazy, so you have to really think about your plan and book ahead of time.

- Yunhao S. Kirkland, WA

I'm a  international student from HongKong, I got my private licence in just 4 months while im also going to college. I would say this is the best school in the area, they charges lower rate than others while the quality of instructing is one of the best in the nation. Most of the instructors was graduated from Embry Riddle aeronautical university which is also one of the best in the world. The owners both are 737 pilot and they shares lots of their experiences to the students and they also make sure the students will get more than enough help so they could go through the progress of success. Try it and you will never regret.

- Jacky N. Seattle, WA