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Alec Yarno | Flight Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI, CFII, MEI

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As a Seattle area native, I was bit by the aviation bug early on in my life, and I have held the dream of becoming a pilot for as long as I can remember.  Growing up, I would go to air shows and flight museums throughout the Puget Sound, all of which rapidly grew my interest in aviation. However, despite all that, I wasn’t sure how attainable this dream of flying (as a career) would be for me.

After graduating High School, I got a job working at Paine Field as the county maintenance crew, and spent many summers being around FBO’s and working on the runways. My interest grew even more as I worked around aviation for several years.  Eventually, I knew I couldn’t fight this dream any longer.  I decided to set my goals and chase after them, and now, a few years later I have achieved many of those goals. It took hard work and dedication, but now looking back I realize that it has been well worth it.  The Puget Sound is an amazing place to fly and is a great place to learn, and I consider myself lucky to have completed most of my training here in the area. As an instructor, I hope to share the joy of flying with my students, and show them the wonder of flying in the Northwest. 

When I’m not flying you can find me skiing, hiking, or at the climbing gym. I love the outdoors and traveling around the Northwest! I look forward to exciting adventures with flying, and can’t wait to meet more people in the aviation community.