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Alessandro Fabrizi | Flight Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI, CFII

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Born and raised in Italy, I moved to the United States in 2013. I obtained my private pilot license in California shortly before moving to Bellevue, where I continued my aviation education in the skies and classroom

To this day, I am not sure at all what sparked my passion for airplanes and aeronautics. Nobody in my family is or ever was a pilot, nor anybody that I have known worked anywhere near an airplane. But I was always the kid staring at the sky every time an airplane passed overhead. I had no need to tell myself that a pilot is what I wanted to become.

My parents and I decided to move to the States during my high school career. This was the first step to becoming a pilot. It was a great sacrifice for me, but one that has paid off immensely.

After finishing high school in the United States, I moved out of the house to pursue my post-secondary education and started collecting flight training ratings.

The day I passed my private pilot check ride, I was told that obtaining a pilot’s license is “a lifelong license to learn”. That sentence led me to where I stand today. I’m teaching as well as learning at RFS. Learning should never stop because knowledge is a part of how we learn to fly safely, and I will always prioritize that my students become safe aviators!