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Alex McKelvey | Flight Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI, CFII

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My first flight, in a small single-engine plane, was all the motivation I needed to launch my journey into the world of aviation. The freedom, stunning views, and sense of adventure I felt cruising over Seattle's busy streets and out across the waters of the Puget Sound was an exhilarating experience. At the time of this first glimpse into flying, I was a recent college grad, holding a degree in biology, and the notion of making a career out of my newly founded passion seemed an unfeasible reality. After earning my private pilot certificate in 2015, I refocused my goals to seeing the world and subsequently spent much of the next year backpacking across Asia and Europe. After nine months of travel through 16 countries, I found myself back in Washington State unsatisfied with my career and to being tethered to foreseeable future in Seattle’s biotech industry. On a lunchtime run along the shore of Lake Union, I stopped to watch a seaplane take to the sky, and it was at that moment I decided to drop everything and follow my dream of becoming a pilot.

My journey in aviation has been one of the most exciting adventures of my life, and one that I look forward to sharing with others. When I’m not flying, you can find me skiing, climbing, biking, running, and enjoying the outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.