Bradley Donaldson | Owner

I began flying gliders at the age of 15, while living on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. At the age of 17, I became a private pilot, and was off to the University of North Dakota. In 1999, I graduated from UND with a BS in Aeronautics, while also serving as a Flight Instructor and Supervisor of Flight of a fleet of over 100 aircraft.

After graduation, I moved to Seattle and flew for a regional airline until 2007 on the Dash 8, which was equipped with "Fog Buster" Heads Up Guidance (HGS) technology. In 2007, I moved on to a major airline flying 737s in some of the most technologically advanced aircraft, and in the most challenging conditions.

My love for flying and the passion to teach has kept me involved in general aviation instruction.

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Flying with Brad at RFS is always an experience well worth the time and money. Having flown with Brad on several occasions, I can tell you this guy loves aviation and has a strong passion for teaching. His experience with Alaska Air and years of instruction gives him a wealth of knowledge that is hard to come by these days.

I received my instrument rating this past summer and had not flown on instruments since my checkride. Nearly six months went by and recently I went up with Brad for some instrument currency. Not only did I have a blast flying in IMC for most of the flight with him. Brad also did an excellent job of instilling the appropriate amount of confidence for the skill set I have. I still won't be shooting an ILS to minimums any time soon, but as of now low ceilings have little chance of ruining my adventures.

Normally, I fly at a four-year university on the otherside of the state, but when I'm home looking to sharpen some skills or hoping to learning something new. Brad is my first choice. He can be a tough one to track down sometimes, but if he is available on the schedule don't even hesistate on hitting him up to go flying.

Gordon and Brad gave me a practice panel interview once I was called by Alaska Airlines. As a military pilot I had no prior experience with this type of interview process.

They did a great job of reviewing strategies for best answering the HR type questions that were the emphasis of my interview. As Alaska Airlines pilots themselves, they had very relevant and up to date questions and process information.

The confidence I gained from their preparation helped me relax and be successful at landing my dream job as an Alaska Airlines First Officer.

Submitted by:  JT - Seattle, WA

I recently received the phone call I've been working towards my entire interview opportunity for my dream job at a major airline.  I put some feelers out to other friends and co-workers who sought interview prep prior to their big interview, and there was only one name that kept coming back...Rainier Flight Service.  I got in touch with Brad and he promptly cleared out a spot in his schedule for me to come in and prepare for my interview.  All of this was on a very short timeline, and I was really impressed with his willingness and ability to find a spot that worked for my hectic schedule.

The actual interview prep was better than I could've possibly hoped for!  These guys definitely have the gouge and can accurately answer any questions you throw their way.  The scope of their interview prep ranges from details as small as resume tips and properly filling out all of the required paperwork, to proper presentation of one's self during the interview process.  One thing I particularly liked about the session I had with Brad is that he focused on my presentation as an interviewee and prospective employee, and not so much on what specific questions I might come across.  I think this was integral to my success at the interview.

To say that I would recommend Brad and Rainier Flight Service as THE place to go in preparation for an airline interview is an understatement.  I think it is absolutely imperative, as much so as wearing a suit and shining your shoes!  These guys know what they're talking about, and you will walk out of your interview prep session and into your interview with the confidence one needs to successfully land the job!

The interview prep at Rainier Flight Service helped me land a job at a major airline!!!  I was recently hired at a major airline and want to thank Brad for helping me prepare for the interview with the RFS airline interview prep.  The inteview prep helped take a great deal of the stress out of the process.  Even though I was struggling in the beginning of the interview prep, Brad took the time to help me develop interview skills.  By the end of the interview prep I was much more confident in how to deliver a good interview and had key points to help me stay on track in the actual interview.  Thanks again Brad and Rainier Flight Service!!  

Bradley is a great instructor! I was able to have him as an examiner for a category and class add-on in the Cessna Skycatcher, and he did a great job of making me feel confident about my flying skills and how to improve them. His knowledge base in aviation is very large, his resume consists of a large amount of hours, and since he flies for a career he also is a great person to go to for help on how to become a pilot for a living. Overall Brad is a great instructor, pilot, and owner with Rainier Flight!