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Brenden Billingsley | Flight Instructor

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Growing up in Puyallup facing the Cascades, I watched airplanes for hours from my bedroom window as they flew over the mountains and turned above my house to land at SeaTac. I was always in awe and regarded becoming an airline pilot as my "dream job". It was not until 8th grade that I discovered general aviation through my shop teacher who brought flight simulators into the school and shared his passion for flying with me. I spent almost every lunch period flying the simulator, my interest growing each day. The following summer, while on a trip with my family, I found myself on a Boeing 787 somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean deciding that one day I am going to be a widebody captain! Right then, I set the goal to obtain my Private Pilot License by the time I graduated high school.

I began my primary training at Pierce County Airport in Puyallup, where I accomplished my Private. After high school, I transferred to Green River College and completed their Bachelors program in Aeronautical Science. At that time I was looking for a professional school with quality airplanes and caring instructors. I found my home right here at Rainier Flight Service! I completed my Instrument, Commercial and Flight Instructor training right here in Renton and I feel so blessed to be a part of the Rainier Family.

As your instructor, it is my mission to provide you with the best flight training experience whether you are looking for a career in aviation or seeking the best hobby in the world! I operate with safety as my first priority and an encouraging / positive training environment as my second. In my free time, I enjoy saltwater fishing, landscape photography, backpacking, and family time.

I am honored to share my love of aviation with you - Let's Fly!