Charlotte Hammer | Line Service Technician

I’ve spent my whole life surrounded by pilots. Most of my first memories are flying standby on my dad’s Hawaiian Airlines routes across the Pacific.  My dad and most of his best friends, whom I consider my uncles, were commercial pilots. They always suggested that I take up flying since I enjoy driving boats and manual cars, but I wasn't convinced being a pilot was for me. At first, I thought I was destined for the world of Business. But in the middle of my senior year of my undergraduate education, I sat in the cockpit of a seaplane going through the San Juan Islands and I was hooked!

Although I have always appreciated being a passenger on flights around the world, I now know how much more fun, and empowering it is to fly when you're in control of the aircraft. After I completed my BS in Marketing from the University of Arizona, I dove straight into the world of aviation to pursue a career as a commercial pilot. I am currently working on my private pilot license, and looking forward to working closer to the aviation industry as a Line Service Technician.  I’m excited to continue my flight journey as a part of the Rainier Flight Service team.