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Christian Birch | Flight Instructor

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Growing up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I have had the pleasure of being surrounded by aviation practically my entire life. The Museum of Flight at Boeing Field kept me immersed in aviation especially with the addition of Concorde and the Boeing 747, my 2 favorite airplanes. I volunteered for the museum in the Aviation Pavillion and in their historical records center in high school. I took my first flying lesson at the age of 14 right here at Renton airport which just further solidified the fact that my office should be thousands of feet up in the air. 

I took my passion one step further and attended Central Washington University in their pilot program, where I got my B.S. in Professional Pilot Flight Officer Specialization, with a minor in Aviation Management, along with my private, instrument, commercial single and commercial multi licences. Then I changed course and landed here at Rainier Flight Service (pun partially intended), where I got my flight instructor rating.

When I am not in the cockpit, I enjoy travelling, skiing, golfing, and the occasional video game, including flight simulator. I look forward to being able to spread my love and passion for aviation with others as a flight instructor, and to sitting right seat with you soon!