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Colleen Kozacheck | Flight Supervisor & Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI, CFII, MEI

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My entrance into aviation began with a love of traveling. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia (Go Birds!) and moved to Louisville, KY to attend the University of Louisville. I like to think that leap into the unknown was the first of many. That decision also led me across the pond for a semester abroad in London. With the travel bug fully caught, it seemed fit to work a job post-college that allowed me to roam. I applied to be a flight attendant with Delta Air Lines and was first based in Atlanta, GA. Nine months later, with a bid transfer to Seattle, I packed my bags for the PNW.

I distinctly remember my first week of flight attendant training, when one of the chief pilots came to speak to our class. He put a picture up on the board of an airplane, with the question: how does a plane fly' Underneath, the words: magic, magic, and more magic. It piqued my interest and my curiosity grew with each passing day. I spent a lot of time my first few years as an FA asking questions to the pilots I worked alongside. It was at their encouragement that I booked my first discovery flight. My research had told me that there was a lot going on to make this machine work, but I knew from that first breathless race down the runway, it truly was magic.

I pursued my ratings at Rainier Flight Service and continued to fall further in love with aviation: the community, the work, the endless possibilities and opportunities. As a flight instructor, my goal is to adapt to each learner’s individual needs, minimize their frustrations, and create a comfortable learning environment for my students to thrive in. I’m thrilled to be working at RFS and cannot wait to help make your flying dreams a reality!