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Cory Necker

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Cory Necker Bio

My aviation experience began with a career as a flight attendant with Delta Air Lines.  I was based in New York City, moved from my hometown of Phoenix and dove straight into crew life.  This life eventually took me back out west to the base in Seattle where I fell in love with the lush greens of the Emerald City.  I continued to discover the beauty of the region when I began my Private Pilot training at Rainier Flight Service, taking lessons in between work trips.  I've worked my way through several additional ratings and a few hundred hours of instructional experience since then, and am proud to return to the place where I first learned how to take to the skies.  As your instructor, it's my pleasure to give that experience to you and help you achieve your aviation goals!


Testimonials for Cory Necker

One awesome instructor!

Flying a plane isn't hard, with practice, but instructing is more than passing a test. Cory has the pedagogy skillset that very few have. He is methodical in providing the right instruction at the right time and has a curiousity in his teaching style. He doesn't simply instruct, but he works to understand the student and enable instruction that is uniquely taylored. He has years of working with airline passengers, and that maturity, combined with his teaching methods (socratic), make him a unique find among the CFII ranks. Cory provides an exceptional experience for sure!

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