Daniel Gonzalez | Line Service Technician

I have been surrounded by aviation all my life. My family is full of people passionate about aviation.

It all started with building scale models of military aircraft with my dad, and then as I got older playing video games that focused on flying. As I went into my first year of college, I was not exactly sure what I wanted to do.

At the time I had no idea on how to become a pilot. But after finding out my college had an aviation program and after doing my own research, I realized that becoming a pilot was not out of my reach. So, I went for my first intro flight and the rest was history! I finished my Instrument Rating in September 2020 and am working towards my Airline Dispatch License.

I am thankful I chose aviation as my career pathway, every single person I have met has been so positive and supportive. I am looking forward to starting my commercial training with RFS while working line service with my fellow aviators.