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Erika Bengard | Flight Instructor

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I graduated from University of California, Davis and earned my degree in Psychology with minors in Italian Literature and Sociology. The day after graduation, I moved to Sicily and became a civilian contractor with the military. I helped tutor and teach after-school programs for children on the military bases. I soon transitioned to Guam for the same role. Soon after, I moved back to California and started my journey as a second-grade teacher in San Jose. It was then that I quickly realized teaching didn’t give me that spark I was looking for.

On a whim I decided flying might be the answer for me. I loved traveling and wanted to break away from the typical 9-5, so I decided to pursue a career in aviation. I moved to Washington and enrolled in Green River College and a private pilot ground course at Rainier. I was immediately hooked. I found what I was looking for.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, painting, a good thriller movie now and then, exploring shops and restaurants in Seattle, and spending time with friends.

I’m incredibly excited to be here and share this love of flying with others!

Aviation is challenging, magical, adventurous and gives you the opportunity to really prove something to yourself. What’s not to love'