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Heather Kelly | Flight Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI, MEI

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Instructor Bio

My interest in aviation was sparked in my early twenties when one year, I decided that my New Years resolution would be to learn how to fly. I met with an instructor at Crest Airpark in Covington and decided to start taking lessons as I could afford them. It originally began as a hobby, but I soon learned that flying was my dream career. I received a job offer in Portland, OR that would allow for a flexible schedule in order to complete both my flight training and college degree, while still being able to work. I jumped at the opportunity to live and fly in a new state. I completed my Instrument rating out of Salem, my Ground Instructor, Commercial and CFI certs out of Troutdale, and even snuck in ASES in Talkeetna, AK. I am beyond excited to be back in my hometown in Washington, teaching other people how to fly and fall madly in love with this state from above, just like I have.

I am an active volunteer in several aviation groups and plan to do even more now that I have more time. I was introduced to the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) in 2016, and have been an active volunteer at all the Northwest Competitions ever since. I have received 2 aerobatic scholarships, one being upset recovery/spin training/intro to aerobatics in a Pitts S2A in Santa Paula, CA. I am working towards becoming an aerobatic judge in order to be a more valuable volunteer. I also volunteer with Women in Aviation (WAI) and was the Treasurer of the Portland Chapter. I do other volunteer work for the Surfrider Foundation, doing lots of beach cleanups.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing flying with other people, especially those who have never been exposed to flying or the aviation community in general. During my training, I would always try to fill empty seats in the plane. It's even better now that I can sign people’s logbooks! I’ve grown up teaching my friends how to ride dirt bikes, quads, motorcycles, tractors, and even horses. I’m a very calm teacher and although new to teaching flying, I am not new to teaching people. A testimonial to my teaching abilities is I taught my boyfriend how to drive a stick… and I didn’t need a new clutch… or a new boyfriend!