Isaiah Kolar | Customer Service Representative


I discovered my passion for aviation watching a yellow Weatherly Crop duster make swift passes over the wheat fields near my small hometown in Montana. I eventually ventured up to the local airport where it was based, and having met the shop mechanic and owner I found my after school hangout for three years. 

Fast forward to my 16th birthday and I'm alone at the controls of a Piper Cherokee in the left downwind for runway 26 at the very same airport. I knew after those 20 minutes in the air that this is what I wanted to do with my life.

However, my lack of money and preoccupation with school would put the brakes on my goal. I focused on my other passions of skiing, driving and business. I ran two businesses in high school, following in my parents footsteps of self employment. It wouldn't be until 2 years later that I took a flight with a Rainier instructor that I would refocus on my dream. I'm currently working on my private license and hope to move through all of my ratings at Rainier.