James Halford | Line Service

Hello everyone, my name is James Halford. I am currently enrolled at Green River College in their Aeronautical Science Bachelor’s program.  My overall goal is to fly for a major airline company (Delta or Alaska). So far in my journey, I received my Private Pilot License in November 2018, through Spanaflight at Thun Field, and my Instrument Rating this past July, through Rainier Flight Service (RFS). Currently, I am taking online classes for my Bachelor's Degree and training here at RFS through the 141 Program for my Commercial Pilot License. In the near future, I plan to continue to train here at RFS and become a Certified Flight Instructor.

The reason I have chosen to pursue a career of an airline pilot is a long one, full of passion and heart. I’ve always been interested in flight. My family has been around it for years. My grandfather and my uncle were both pilots, and many family friends are pilots too. A pilot once told me, “It seems to me that pilots are the happiest people I know,” and I think this because of what they get to do. The first part that explains why I feel that I would love to be a pilot is the feeling of when I am in the air. It’s an amazing perspective that not many people get to see, so I’m lucky to get the opportunity. Another part of why I feel that I would love to be an airline pilot, is because it would be my job to travel. I wouldn’t be stuck in one place every day. I would be able to see different places, expand my knowledge, meet people, and gain different perspectives on the world.

Always feel free to ask me for help! Also if you see me working on Sundays feel free to give me a score update on the Seahawks. Go Hawks!