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Jeff Katten | Flight Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI, CFII, MEI, TCI

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I am a Texas native that is newly based in Seattle. The aviation bug officially bit me after I returned home from my freshman year of college. Not knowing how to spend my summer, a friend suggested I learn to fly. After my discovery flight, I was hooked!  The adventures flying around Texas to get BBQ, and exploring small airports was thrilling, and I just couldn’t get enough of it. The next summer, I got my instrument rating and then gave some serious thought to a career as an airline pilot. I continued with my studies of Business and Mechanical Engineering while in school in Boston and eventually moved to New York for a career in finance and technology while making my best effort to fly on the weekends and stay connected to my passion for aviation. It proved more challenging than I anticipated and I felt like something was missing.

Fast forwarding a few years, my partner and I eventually decided to move to Seattle in pursuit of the beautiful scenery and a new adventure. Here, my passion for aviation was reignited when I started flying at Rainier Flight Service.  I gradually became more involved in local aviation organizations, such as FATPNW, the NGPA,  and Cascade Flyers. At this time, I started to reconsider my career and decided that I wanted to set my sights for the sky and pursue a career in aviation again.  I re-entered flight training and obtained my Commercial and Flight Instructor certificates. I am thrilled to remain a part of the Rainier Flight Service Family, now as an instructor.

When not flying, I enjoy going to concerts, hacking away with software and hardware, cycling, and exploring the outdoors.  I look forward to helping inspire future aviators and spreading my passion for the sky!