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Jim Simon | Chief Flight Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI, CFII, CSIP, MEI

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Like many others, I received the "aviation 'itch" at a very young age.  As a toddler, I would stare out the window pointing at the airplanes passing by in awe.  Growing up, I would ride my bike to the local airport and watch the arrivals and departures until I was dragged home.  At 16 years old, I started flying gliders and I knew I was hooked.

My career in aviation did not start until many years later.  I was an instructor for a transportation company for almost 10 years when I decided to take my first intro flight.  That intro flight changed my life completely.  I went on to get my certificates and yearned to learn as much as humanly possible regarding aviation.  Once a pilot, I began flying around the west coast on little vacations with my family.

My passion for flying and the desire to expand my knowledge has allowed me to become a flight instructor.  After providing thousands of hours of flight instruction at local flight schools, including Green River Community College and volunteering at Civil Air Patrol, I found my home at Rainier Flight Service 6 years ago.

As Chief Flight Instructor, I intend to use my vast training and knowledge to provide safe and effective instruction in a positive learning environment.  My motto is "Safety First."

Some of my hobbies include: playing classical piano, flying (of course), talking about flying, and snow skiing.

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Jim was my stage III check ride instructor…and has been a resource for my continued learning ever since.  That check ride was the most informative 2 hours of my Private Pilot flight training program.  Jim has a passion for fling and helping students get the knowledge they need to be effective, safe pilots.  If you’ve not met Jim, you should!    


If there is someone that has earned the title Lead Instructor, Jim Simon has earned it without question.  I took my stage checks with him.  His experience will give you tips, and tricks to make you a safe, and skilled pilot.  Along with his great advice, he is an extremely comfortable, and fun instructor to fly with.  You can check your self-doubting, and nerves at the door when getting ready for your checkride with this instructor.

Being an EASA-Instructor and Examiner I had the opportunity to participate as an observer on a checkout on the C182

conducted by CFI Jim Simon.

After a thorough briefing and outside-check, my friend who had only experience on other Cessna-types, received a very good

introduction in the plane and the airspace around Renton.

Chief flight instructor Jim Simon as well as the whole flightschool-infrastructor at Rainierflightservice made a very professional

impression to me and I am looking forward  also renting  airplanes  there on my next visit to Seattle !

Safe Flights,

Christian Schmid