Justin Fancher

Justin Fancher

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Justin Fancher Bio

My childhood consisted of many days and nights on Microsoft Flight Simulator, where I loved to fly the 737 from Seattle to all the destinations I wished I could travel to outside of the virtual world. Aviation had always been something I dreamed of doing. However, I didn't think it was obtainable as a career path until I went on a discovery flight at Rainier Flight Service.  That is where my dreams took flight.

Shortly after I began flight training, I started working at Rainier as a line service technician. Working on the ramp gave me an inside look into how awesome of a community general aviation is, and it also allowed me to build a great support network and friendships that will last a lifetime. Even though the road to becoming a CFI has been challenging, it's been full of some of the most rewarding days in my life.

I look forward to sharing my passion with you and aim to help make your aviation dreams come true, just like many flight instructors have done for me!

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