Kevin Beardsley

Kevin Beardsley

Director of Flight Operations


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When I was a child, my father received his private pilots license, and would always take me flying with him.  This got me hooked!  From an early age I had always known I wanted to fly for a living.  It started when I attended college and received a degree in aviation, along with all my certificates.  After graduating, I instructed at that college for three years, teaching everything from pre-solo to CFI applicants.

After building my time, I moved on to an airline and flew turboprops all around the U.S. and Caribbean, mastering my single pilot IFR skills.  After a few months being away from the teaching world, I quickly realized how much I enjoyed instructing. I continued to teach the turboprop transitions and training future ATPs at the airline.

With the teaching bug still in me, I came to Rainier Flight Service to continue educating future aviators. Now I'm here to help manage and create the best flight training available to you.

When I'm not flying, I love spending time with my wife and daughter.

Certificates and Ratings

Instructor: Single Engine, Multi Engine, Instrument

Airline Transport Pilot


Testimonials for Kevin Beardsley

Prior to selecting Rainier Flight Service for my training, I auditioned multiple schools and instructors.  Kevin was absolutely the deciding factor in my decision to go with Rainier.  He epitomizes the safety culture and really brings the relevancy of good decision making the the lessons.  If you want a rigorous training with a focus on great technique and desire to learn how to perform the ACS to the highest standards I high recommend Kevin as an instructor. 

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