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Kyler Troutner | Flight Instructor

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Growing up, I was fortunate enough to take many vacations with my family. Every time that we boarded a plane, I would always peek my head in the flight deck to admire all the buttons and switches in awe. It didn’t take many flights before I began to dream of being the pilot myself, flying my family to the vacation destinations. This dream to become a pilot only continued to grow as I got older.

During my senior year of high school, I began to turn a dream of flying into a reality when I started working on my Private Pilot Certificate at Crest Airpark in Covington, WA. I took to the skies for the first time with my Uncle as my instructor and from then on aviation has become fundamental in my life. I pursued aviation further at Central Washington University where I earned my Instrument, Commercial and Instructor Certificates. During college, I instructed at CWU before graduating and coming over to Rainier Flight Service.

When I am not doing something aviation related, I like to get out and enjoy what Washington has to offer. I spend my free time golfing, boating, snowboarding, and spending time with my family and friends. I also continue to travel and see new places every year. Flying across the globe and exploring other places is what I will always enjoy most!