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Logan Jones | Flight Supervisor & Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI

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Instructor Bio

Growing up in Tacoma, Washington I would see plenty of aviation traffic flying overhead, never thinking I would be up there one day. I owe my introduction into the field of aviation to my mom, who initially suggested we tour the Program at Central Washington University.

I started my piloting at CWU in 2014. As I progressed through my licenses and ratings my passion for flying only grew. At Central I double majored in Professional Piloting as well as Geography. Being able to learn about the places and landscapes I was flying over made my college experience one of a kind. After graduating, I flew mostly for enjoyment until this past year when I earned my flight instructor certificate. I could not be more happy about returning to flying and starting a career in the field.

When I’m not flying in the winter I enjoy turning my snowboard up at Snoqualmie Pass. Other hobbies of mine include; fly fishing, surfing, hiking, hanging out with my dogs, and sharing the skies with my friends and family. One day I hope to own a plane so I can explore the airstrips of the Northwest.