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Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, and was just doing the Australian thing until I moved to Seattle in 2006.  I travelled frequently when I was young, mainly to the Philippines and the US, and throughout those travels I found a love for airplanes.  I think it was that fresh feeling of meeting new people, in new cultures.  Everything just seemed so lively at the airport; people all around you were just in different parts of the world just hours ago.  That brought me to ponder the thought of these giant hunks of metal somehow carrying these people to their destinations.  I just wanted to be part of that magic

Years went by without much thought of becoming a pilot, until I noticed a pattern of questions whenever I met new people.  "Your name's Maverick?  Are you going to become a pilot when you grow up?," they would ask.  The seed was planted, and it just grew and grew.  At 13 years old, I really wanted to get into flying but my mother asked to wait until we moved to Seattle.  I believe she said, "Boeing is in Seattle," which lead me to believe the training would be better.  Kid logic.  We moved here in 2006, and with the new start in the US, I didn't put much more thought into flying.

One day, I was driving north on 35th in West Seattle and saw a low level plane fly overhead transitioning from Boeing Field.  That was when it all started again.  I dropped everything, toured some flight schools, signed up for a discovery flight later that week and dove in head first.  I signed up for flight training about a month later (July 2011) and have been flying in the Pacific Northwest ever since.

I look forward to meeting you, hoping to share my love of flying and help you get to your aviation goals!

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Maverick was amazing!!  What a smooth, beautiful flight!  Maverick took us up on 4th of July and took us to all the best areas for an experience we will never forget.  We are looking forward to many more flights in the future.  If you are looking for a professional who makes flying fun, Maverick is your guy!

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