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Mitchell Dang | Flight Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI, CFII

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"It's never too late." This phrase was the beginning of my aviation journey.

My first exposure to aviation was not until my teenage years when my friend invited me to go to an airshow.  Watching a variety of planes soar across the sky put me total awe struck. I knew I wanted to fly! Unfortunately, my parents were not really entertained with the flying idea, so I took a detour and obtained a university degree near my home city Honolulu, Hawaii.  While in college, I also pursued a second language skill of Japanese which helped make my decision to move to Japan to build an international career experience.

When I wasn't working, I was snowboarding. It was during those snowboard trips that I became friends with a pilot who flew for Hawaiian Airlines. He loved flying for a profession while having an awesome schedule. I totally agree! Eventually I moved back to Hawaii and began to meet more people who flew commercially. That's when the thought hit me once again, "it's never too late." Immediately I prepared for this journey.

After completing my Private Pilot Certificate, I knew I could not stop there. I obtained all my airmen ratings and even my instructor certificate! Life goes on and now I am honored to be a part of a wonderful team and facility at Rainier Flight Service. The journey so far has been an amazing experience. I look forward to providing individuals seeking their goals and dreams with an experience they too will always remember!