Olivia Partin | Line Service Technician

I knew from a very young age that I was born to fly. Growing up in the PNW, I wanted nothing more than to be around airplanes and become a pilot. Trips to the Museum of Flight and the excitement of going to any airport were only the beginnings. Since I hardly have any family that is into aviation as much as I am, it was difficult finding the right path to achieve this dream.

When I became a mechanic at Boeing after earning certificates at Renton Technical College, I decided that it was time to finally figure out how to get a pilot's license. This led me to Rainier Flight Service, where I trained frequently for a year and earned my private pilot's license in June 2021. This marked the achievement of a dream, and I wish to continue my training here as an aspiring commercial pilot.

I'm currently working on my instrument flight training, and am always happy to help out and learn more about aviation and airplanes! Say "hi" if you see me!