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Paola Reynoso | Flight Instructor

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I only recently developed the desire to become a pilot, and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made. My dad was a general aviation pilot in Mexico, and he once took my sister and I flying to Puerto Vallarta but the radio sadly became inoperative halfway through, so we had to turn back around. I was slightly annoyed as a toddler, but grateful for the experience. My dad reminded me of that story when I was in my late teens and, taking my interest in travel into consideration, I decided to start my career in aviation. Even when I had one of the rarest malfunctions on my first flight, it only gave me confidence.

I completed most of my flight training in my hometown of San Diego, California, then went to Minnesota for my instructor's license. I thoroughly enjoy learning and navigating new terrains, cities, and airspaces but most of all meeting all kinds of people. In my free time, I love spending time at the beach and occasionally kayaking. I’m also a fan of road trips and quality time with friends out in the town.

I would be honored to motivate and guide you through your goals in aviation!