Rick Merrell | Technician

I’ve been surrounded by aviation my entire life, from family members in the airlines to an older brother who is an ATC controller. I never considered it for myself until the spring of 2018! Feeling the doldrums of a job I didn’t love I enrolled in the ground school here at Rainier as a way to enrich my life and like so many others the die was cast. I knew after passing my private check ride that I wanted to continue my training and pursue a career as an aviator!

I am constantly amazed by the willingness of others to offer help or advice in this community and am grateful for the opportunity to pay some of that forward. One of my favorite things, besides flying of course, is hearing others aviation stories and goals. So, if you see me on the ramp or around the training center, please say hello! 

When I’m not on the line I enjoy spending time with family in the outdoors. I’m an avid fly fisherman and sportsman.