Tatyana Jenkins | Customer Service Representative

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest with the love of Aviation, Animals and the Island sun. 
I got my passion for Aviation at a young age from my mother who has worked for Boeing for 30 years for Experimental Flight Test. From air shows, delivery flights, touring the museum of flight, or going all the way out to Moses Lake with my mom to go look at her 747 run tests, aviation runs deep in my veins.  I graduated from Raisebeck Aviation High school, and am currently a full time student getting my degree in Air Traffic Control and Dispatch. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my "child"—who’s actually a little girl 75lbs Rottweiler who I take nearly everywhere with me.  I also avidly enjoy paddle boarding, cliff jumping, driving my car like a typical Subaru owner, hiking, and basically anything that involves some sort of adrenaline rush.