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William Brokaw | Flight Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI, CFII, MEI

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Instructor Bio

Aloha! I grew up in Washington. Aviation has always been a passion of mine growing up. I was and still am one of those stereotypical av-geeks always looking up in the sky to watch the planes go by. My father was a A&P technician for United Airlines most of my life, so I definitely caught “Da Bug” from him. I followed in his footsteps and became an A&P technician for Delta in SEA. Through both airlines I have been blessed to travel the world and experience the pleasures of non-rev benefits. Three years ago, I decided to try flying the planes instead of just fixing them and I haven’t looked back yet. 

My mission now as a flight instructor is to share the joy of aviation to anyone and everyone. I look forward to helping all realize and accomplish their goals within the scope of my expertise.

If I am not at an airport flying or talking story with other pilots, I like to stay outside hiking, biking, or playing sports with my son James and our dog Koko.