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William Lee | Flight Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI

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Instructor Bio

I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Seattle with my family when I was 17 years old. When I was a kid, we moved a lot and lived in different places such as Mainland China, Saipan Island, Philippines. Whenever I got on an airplane, I always wondered how the world looks like when seeing from the above? That little curiosity continued to grow larger and eventually it became fuel and energy which motivated me to attain my dream of becoming a pilot. However, it was just a dream until I started working for a major airline at Sea-Tac Airport in 2017 where everything was initiated. I met numerous friends who shared the same passion as me in aviation, with their advice, recommendations, and my research, I landed at Rainer Flight Service in 2018. Since then, I have obtained all the certificates and ratings along with a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science.

When people ask me why I wanted to be a flight instructor, I think about how my aviation journey began. Few years ago, I walked into the door of Rainer Flight Service as a guy who had no clue how an airplane can fly. I was fortunate to be taught by the best flight instructors in the nation who are caring, knowledgeable, motivated, they walked side by side with me to push through all those obstacles and adversity along the way; eventually helped me to become a pilot. Today I am here and was given an opportunity to come back to where I started from 0 to 1, to serve as a flight instructor at Rainier where I can continue the duty of my previous instructors: walk through and defect all those obstacles and adversity with you, help you from 0 to 1: become a safe and competent pilot. As your flight instructor, I am not only your mentor but also your teammate. We work together to achieve the same goal: becoming a better pilot.

When I am not flying, I like going out to different parks with my dog (little Yorkie: Lino), playing tennis, swimming, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. I used to be an amateur MMA/Kickboxing fighter, and I still train and work out every week. Aside from that, I have been into learning different types of coffee beans and enjoy making pour-over coffee every day before I start my day.