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Yoel Gilman | Flight Instructor

Certificates & Ratings Held:  CFI, CFII

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As with many, I’ve always been that lucky kid who knew precisely what they wanted to do. From the earliest age, I barely slept in the nights leading up to an airplane trip, as I knew I’d be sitting up in the air flying through the clouds. But as it goes, life happened, and at the age of 21 the itch for airplanes kept knocking. Unfortunately, at the time, my knowledge as to what it took to actually become a pilot was so limited, that I settled and assumed the worst-case scenario, believing that it’s just too hard/expensive/lengthy among other non qualifying reasons. The good news, however, was that as a cure to my airplane fever, I went ahead and became a flight attendant!

As you can imagine, being a flight attendant and spending all that time on airplanes, just caused my “pilot” itch to intensify, until I finally gave up and decided for once to actually look into this thing. And so, on a Cloudy seattle Sunday afternoon, there I was, in the lobby of Rainier Flight Service signing up for my very first discovery flight. Obviously, I was hooked! Six months later I obtained my Private Pilot certificate and joined the club!

Wanting to pursue aviation as a career, naturally led me to face some big decisions, from where, what, how, all the way to when?! My research at the time has led me to Phoenix, AZ where I would end up moving to and obtain all the remainder of my ratings/certificates. While the program was incredible, and the friendships formed were for a lifetime, there was always a hidden desire to head back up to the PNW. I figured, there is no place I’d rather share everything that makes this industry great, than up north, back where I myself was introduced to it all for the very first time.

Once the decision to relocate back was made, the choice as to what group of people I wanted to join was easy, Rainier! And the rest is history…

I couldn’t be more excited to not only turn back around and share everything I learned with those coming up behind me, but to do so in the very place where I myself initially got hooked!