One-G - Foundation 1000   65/hr*

The One-G Foundation 1000  is an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) that has the power to transform the way you train. Building your initial skillset in the simulator first and then demonstrating your proficiency in the air will help reduce your total training time and cost.

The Foundation operates as a direct replica of the Cessna 172 G1000's we have on our fleet, ensuring a positive training transfer and an accurate representation of real aircraft systems. The Foundation has an integrated GFC700 autopilot and runs on X-Plane 11.

Aviator Club Member Rate | $65/hr.
Non-Club Member Rate | $75/hr.
Instructor Rate | $65/hr.

Scheduling Requirements & Restrictions
  • Dual Instruction Only For Student Pilots
  • Rated Pilots Must Complete a One-G Simulator Checkout Prior to Solo Simulator Reservations.

  G1000 Cockpit Reference

  G1000 Pilots Guide